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Dram' Aede

Inter-colleges theater and musical association
Ancre 1

Our past shows

Affiche final Le jeu de l'amour et du hasard0608.png
PICT_2020-01-25 15-29-18.jpg

Lwénaïss, costumes

I learned a lot and I already use lots of new sewing techniques in my daily life.

Thanks !

Léa Diane, performer

I discovered this project absolutely by chance while walking in the corridors of my university. [...] I found my happiness there! I also found some very nice people there who are now my friends and, even if it had to be cut short, I'm really happy with this adventure!  

Sarah, performer

This project was an opportunity to meet some very nice people, and allowed each of us, I think, to progress, to discover ourselves and to get out of our comfort zone. It was really a great experience!

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