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Paris, 1730. The young Silvia must meet her suitor. With her mother's agreement, she decides to disguise herself as a servant to observe him and discover his true character. She does not know that he has also exchanged place with his valet...

Our team :

17 attendees
13  students
6 performers

Show rehearsed in ten days from September 5, 2021, and performed on September 16 at the cultural amphitheater of Lyon 2.

Photos: Marie Mallet


Silvia: Lara Pitcher

Dorante: Lisa Bentivoglio

Mario: Lya Boldieff

Lisette: Jeanne Roland

Harlequin: Camille Dartigolle-Zychowicz

Madame Orgon: Coline Odermatt


Artistic team

Play written by Marivaux

Directed by: Chinook Perrut

Rehearsal assistant: Nina Henry

Sets: Cédric Piot

Costumes: Jasmina Temple Tims, Kinvara Temple Tims,

João Vitor von Randow Martins

Lighting manager: Maxime Millot

Sound manager: Simon Heintz

Stage management: Simon Perrin

Graphics: Jade Ribière

Musical composition: Pablo Tomas

Photography: Marie Mallet

Additional music: Sabato Morretta (Clarinet

Concerto in A Major, K.622 Allegro - Mozart)

Video: With the help of Kinoks


With assistance 

from the Lumière Lyon 2 University, Bricologis, Kinoks and the

House of Students of the Metropolis of Lyon


With the financial support 

from the University Lumière Lyon 2, from the Metropolis of Lyon

and Crous Lyon


With thanks 

Christian Piot, Audrey Jupille, Virginie Mattafiri, Léa Schneider, Nelson Aster Degluaire, Charlotte Legouzouguec, Florian Bonfils, Quentin Bouard, Fernanda Das Dôres Conceição Manfredini

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