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Our history

Founded in 2019, Dram'Aède is a student association that allows Lyon students from all schools and faculties to participate in the design of multidisciplinary shows.

The year 2019-2020 saw the production of the musical "Bare", with around forty participants. In September 2021, the association carried out a ten-day residency and performed Marivaux's "Game of Love and Chance" at the Lumière Lyon 2 University. In 2022, "La Fiancée du Ciel" a Dram'Aède original play, won second place at the CROUS national contest.

The diversity of our participants as well as the care given to the costumes and sets of our productions are central to our theatrical approach. We want to offer shows with an exciting form and a memorable background.

In the past, the association has benefited from subsidies from the Métropole de Lyon, the CROUS, the Lumière Lyon 2 University and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, as well as the "Trophée de l'Étudiant" 2020.

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