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Lyon, 1920. Léo is 20 years old and has lost her father, an aviator, during the Great War. Her unexpected meeting with a mechanic makes her rediscover her own passion for aviation. She decides not to tell her mother about it…


Our team :

8 attendees
7   students
3 performers


Leonie (Leo) Fayard as Ninon Krajeski

Marie-Catherine Fayard as Louise Soledad

Lucien GiraudJordan Facon


Artistic team

Staging and writing supervision: Chinook Perrut

Dramaturgy (writing assistance): Maïa Paounov

Sets: Cédric Piot

Costumes: Jasmina Temple Tims

Sound and music assistance: Nina Henry

Technical support

Lighting manager: Maxime Millot

Sound manager: Simon Heintz

Poster visual: Carole Zheng

Video recording: Chloé Quéant

Photography: Matthieu Pina (exterior) and Étienne Deslandes (representation)


With logistical assistance

of the Lumière Lyon 2 University and the Lyon Metropolis Student House


With the financial support 

from the Lumière Lyon 2 University, the Lyon Metropolis and the Lyon Crous


With thanks 

Christian Piot, the Corbas Aviation Museum, Philippe Saint-Georges, Emmanuel Lorin, Coline Béry, Virginie Mattafiri, Axel Guittonneau, Charlotte Legouzouguec, Radio Pluriel and Animafac

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