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In September 2021, Dram'Aède offers the opportunity to play in a complete play rehearsed in less than 10 days: "The Game of Love and Chance" by Marivaux. From September 6 to 15, we will stage it in order to present it on the stage of the Lyon 2 cultural amphitheater on September 16. 

Hearings on May 29 and 30, 2021

Information meetings

(upon registration)

- Thursday, May 13 (2:30 p.m.)

- Tuesday, May 18 (6 p.m.)

- Thursday, May 20 (6 p.m.)

- Tuesday, May 25 (2:30 p.m.)

It is possible to request a meeting outside these dates by sending an email to


Summary of the piece:

Paris, 1730. Silvia has to meet her suitor for the first time, but decides to switch roles with her servant to observe him without his knowing it. She does not know that he has also taken the place of her valet...

Who can participate in the project?

Our project is predominantly student, but can integrate any motivated and available young person under 30! Nor is it necessary to study Lyon specifically.

When and where will the auditions be?

Saturday May 29 and Sunday May 30, 2021, on Zoom. 

How do I participate in the auditions?

The form is here ! Just fill it out, and show up on D-Day. It is necessary to prepare a monologue (free), as well as a scene from the play for which instructions will be given.

When do you have to be available to participate in the project?

From September 5 to 17 for the period of rehearsals and performances (all days). 

You will also have to be present for Zoom meetings aimed at preparing the characters, the script and the rehearsals on certain Sunday afternoons: June 6/June 27/July 18/August 8/August 29

Where will the rehearsals take place?

In Lyon, potentially in Lyon 2 (Bron), or in another area yet to be determined.

How many performances are planned?

We will have a performance on September 16 on the very beautiful stage of the Lyon 2 cultural amphitheater in Bron, and potentially general rehearsals with an audience at the Maison des Étudiants on September 13 and 14 if the health situation allows. If we are able to add new dates we will do so, but cannot guarantee this one at this time.

What will be the main axes of the rehearsals?

Character creation through research and improvisation

Work on humor and feelings of love

Staging of the whole show

What are your anticipations related to the pandemic?

We hope that in September it will be possible to rehearse without masks, potentially with the need to be vaccinated and/or to carry out frequent tests. The show will ideally have an audience, otherwise a filmed version is possible with a broadcast on Youtube. We will try to adapt as best we can, in consultation with the participants in the project, to make it possible in the best conditions.

Is this project paid?

No, this is an amateur project.

I dare not get started, could I meet you before the auditions?

Sure ! Upcoming information meetings are open to everyone (online, details above), it is also possible to ask to meet with us individually.

How is this project funded?

Through grants for student projects from Crous, Lyon Metropolis and Lyon 2.

I would like to join the project, but without being on stage. Is it possible ?

Sure ! Contact us via our form or at!

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us in case of additional questions!

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